Monday, March 3, 2008

know thyself?

how do you angle in on THAT one?
i could easier navigate
10,000 dream journals,

purpose-of-your-life books, and
talking God over coffee on thursdays
than to actually know how to get to
a single numinous moment
at will

to know that fish, it's habits, it's habitats?
to be able to find it every time you cast?
know thyself?

sometimes you can be 'in the zone' that rick described one thursday morning...
in a very special place where you can read life large
and in fabulous colorful detail...
sometimes you get to actually KNOW the moment and be IN it ...

it's bound to be possible--always--to reach in and know who you are
to know your spiritual self
but you have to know that there is such a thing as
Real life
as in Spiritual with a capital S
to be able to get there
or even to know that you're there
when you're There
you know?

but how can you get to it and be in it
by just doing it
not bullshitting your way into it
but by just knowing how to be there
all inside your Spiritual Self
and then to see what everything looks like
in the Real moment
with your eyes wide open

oh to be in my light body
any time i want
and know my shiny self


and wouldn't it be pure magic to be able to share it
to be in a state of shared transparency with a few soul mates...

oh please oh please i would love that...
i want to learn that...

so now what

how can
tell anyone

a n y t h i n g
about God
that wasn't already known to them at birth?

'not possible

...we are all in communion
with each other

sharing the same
Source of our being...

we are all
there is no

we are all drawn from
the same well
g o o d n e s s