Thursday, December 18, 2008

held by a child's hand

there were times this year
when you wanted to quit
and some of it was dangerous stuff

such as preparing to be homeless, even looking forward to it,
and rejecting the value of your own life in this culture...
abandoning self

and on a smaller scale but no less deeply felt,
threatening to walk away from the production...
abandoning others

and your foot was almost out the door, but for lili...
you couldn't scar that innocent heart,
even if your life depended on it

and in a way, it did--and still does...
so you stayed on in this difficult world
and remained to play it out on the small stage as well...

i could imagine her eyes wide and full of you
as she sat cross legged on the floor, charmed like a rabbit,
watching her grandfather acting and interacting with the crowd...

and your voice was so animated and full of her,
retelling how she ran to you at the end of the play...
i could see then how it all that moment--

the whole world in a small body,
a source of your being, a take of your measure...
and so love fulfills its purpose

in a child's face that lights up because she loves you
and claims you...a small hand holds you
to life and meaning.

i don't know how the celebrated christmas child will
touch me this gets a little harder each time
to see
past the angels and shepherds to get there, to find new meaning...

often what inspired a story about
the miraculous birth of jesus
is more easily grasped in a story about saving tiny tim...
it all depends on what you believe jesus was about...

for christians, the light accorded to this child
the candescence of a savior, the star of human
striving for reconciliation
with the divine soul

for the feral christian, it is the same end --
oneness--by different learning to love
and to claim the sacredness in ourselves and others

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


nothing was sacred before i understood
before i was moved and made my own peace

now as then i see that what passes for thought
is cherished far more than what passes for love

make me clear so that i risk with my whole being
not hiding behind words, but breaking open with song

make me clear so that i dance with change
unmasked of fear's piety and revealed in love's mercy

Thursday, December 4, 2008

these are such thin little words posing as thoughts
mere sighs compared to the poems you once read to me

you were my rexroth, i your marichiko
two sides of one coin, two faces one soul

now i seek your warmth in the russet autumn
in the caol ila and the coals in the grate

truth is, you are always present in this room
in the sanctuary of my lonely hours

i feel your forgiveness in a hugged pillow
when things i could have said sit cold by my bed

every few minutes i look up at the clock
only to see your face smeared by my own tears

such are the dark nights of my heart's disarray
to know the sadness that deepens inside us

i cannot be there to love us through this
stubbornness wills me to find another way

so i call out my muse to make taut these lines
to pull your lovesoul to me and hold you fast

and then read back to you, to heal and to warm
us both with words that once set our hearts on fire

Thursday, November 27, 2008

for old and new friends...for rhea and brooke, don and steve and david and john and joe and especially paige

full of thanks
and looking ahead at a new road we must walk as a people,

i wish for you a rare fine fallish day
all orangeyred with freedom's courage

and deepyellow with the soul's fire
in this broad vale of Her generous bounty

Thursday, November 20, 2008

from here to there

if there were ways
to be wise about these things
i would be wise

if there were ways
to know beyond all doubt

i would smile assured

but there are no rules
where we are
where life is web thin
where instincts overrule

and wisdom is silent

because we are beyond
the world we know with our eyes

there is only this love with you
nothing smart or certain

no good reason to hold on

except for what i feel
when i make you laugh
or delight you out of my own delight
then the music comes up inside
and the dusky light softens and bends
around the steps on the front porch

where i sit with you in another time
we are
rare fine...we are far...

and although we are nothing more
than a shared smile in a conversation
at the end of this day
we are real
and we are there

in a room in the sky

on a gossamer afternoon

in november

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

all that aside,
a poet's love
is terrifying
in its absence
as there can be no
to endless joy...
only endless
free fall

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

aspiring to scribble superiorly

oh man....remember what it felt like to finally finally stay on the bicycle long enough to actually pedal once or twice before wobbling the handlebars and falling over? this is like that--i'm quite new at this poem-as-voice thing, and have the inside tremblies about putting my 'stuff' out there, you know?...and then my new bloggie friend of wormwood's doxy came by, who is the real thing, a professional writer/editor/author/faithy thinker ...whose stuff reads like she for sure never had wobbly handlebars...and she gifted me with this scribbler's award...what a loving thing to do! thanks doxy.

....there are some formalities that come with this award, very cool, so here are the rules as writ:
  • each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
  • each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains The Award.
  • each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
  • each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

i feel the need to explain that i said...
i'm really new at this and i haven't met a lot of other
so these are not all bloggy friends...yet

and so This Prestigious Honor is passed on to
[ta - DA]

Bob Carlton -- The Corner
Bob Carlton reads/thinks/writes more and flat out does more in this community as an aware human Christian than any 10 other brilliant aware Christians combined. Okay, maybe only 9. Coffee and a chat with Bob
is conversation with an eagle on the hunt at mach 1.
He has focus like you wouldn't believe. His larger community is populated with an array of spiritual leaders from local to global. He's slightly more conservative than I am--almost everyone is to my right--
a counterweight to my intense lean to the left. His post today [Nov 22/08] is a great example
of his artful--and often wry-- gathering of views and thinking on things post-Prop 8.
Go. Read. Experience Bob's take on who we are when we actualize our faith.

Susan Russell -- An Inch At A Time
Here is the strong left tug I feel most days, and it is always so satisfying to read every jot and tittle of Susan's blog. If you want to get inside the mind of a deeply passionate, deeply centered Christian activist with all of the theological trimmings, this blog's for you.

and then after [or before] the Episcopalians there's always the cry of the Baptist
Gordon Atkinson -- real live preacher
Gordon is pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in San Antonio.
He is also a Real Live Serious Writer and has a ''doozie'' of a 3-part story going at this juncture. His writing reads like effortless honesty, clear and cool. And he actually takes the time to respond to comments on his thoughts and essays, which is going a ways because there are several faithful readers and sometimes they are all questions and opinions that want something more.

and now for something really different
Krista Tippett -- Krista's Journal
I suppose it's cheating to put up a public radio show host for your consideration, and it's not exactly a blog, per se, since there isn't provision for commentary, but then maybe it's just my definition of a bona fide blog. But Krista's voice is something special, and the topics she explores on''Speaking of Faith'' --and her additional insights found in her journal--are stunning in reach and depth...stress and new findings from science on the mind/body connection, the roots and impact of pentecostalism, on the human side of being autistic, the forgiveness intuition...and her reflections on a beautiful conversation with Studs Terkel talking about faith and life and death...throughout, truly superior thinkings and askings and scribblings

Casey Kochmer -- Personal Tao Musings

Kochmer's blog entry for Nov 4th was:

We just became home owners again.
Now time to begin building a temple.

Thing is, this was an actual micro event --the author had just purchased a home
and was looking for a spot to put the temple-- on the same day of a rare macro event
in the election of a democratic Congressional majority,
and a democratic President who by the fortune of birth is black,
which some would say was occasion for growing spiritually as a nation it happens to be beautiful haiku on both levels...
...since no one can define Tao-- it just i s --right away there is a spiritual mystery that cannot be resolved...
this is the kind of beauty I strive to live within.
Kochmer provides an opportunity to self-reveal [very taoist, that]
...sometimes the blog entry is haiku,
or a single photo from an experience such as a day at the beach,
or a note on current thinking or teaching.

Peace. Be well. Go Play.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

doxyanddichotomyanddialogue, oh my

tonight i'm ruminating on doxy's comment that
"...those folks on the other side of this issue
are as sure they know what God wants as I am.
Since the two things are mutually exclusive,
we can't both be right."

[i have repented of neglecting the context here--the discussion was on prop 8 and i am in full accord with the position doxy took...i also confess that the point i discuss below is nowhere near as interesting as what inspired it, so check out her blog at wormwood's doxy]

it happens a lot...the perception of an either/or-ness of things...
good/bad, light/dark, right/wrong, i/thou, liberal/conservative...

but aren't all of these actually on a continuummmmmm
that ultimately arcs and comes full circle? for example...

... we have so recently lived through a few very odd
tea-party-with-the-red-queen moments
wherein the far left is actually saying the same thing as the far right...
holy congruence, batpeople!

... i becomes thou
in communion,
the state of grace,
the erased lines of forgiveness

...right is wrong
and good is bad
and vice becomes versa
in different contexts
and who gets to say anyway?

...neither light nor dark exists without the other
neither has definition without the other,
both are locked within the same cohesive sphere
creating the energy of life

...and what is that theory of physics that i can never remember..
something about how a mere thought of defining a point influences/moves the point....
or something...see what i mean? it moved...i can't remember it... now we come to the big IT in polarity...
what if there is no such dichotomous thing?
what is free will but the gift of God?
what separates the ordinary from the divine?
is not all of God's creation sacred?
...nothing is not of God...
...if there is a Devil, then God created it
and by being part of God's creation
it is of God...the ultimate infinite continuum

so, let us consider the possibility
that everyone is ''right''
about what God wants,
about who God is
and what that means in the context of our lives...

for me, it is always that
to mature in love is the only thing we are here to do...
and regardless of what we perceive as ''evil'' or ''other''
it is somehow to be loved/forgiven/graced/alleluia-ed/amen-ed
and in learning to love/forgive it
we are smoothing out another wrinkle in our soul

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

learning to wait

what if i wanted to be your new story
sitting in our chairs at the edge of the pond
feeling the light soften each year that goes by
sipping lagavulin in bell-shaped glasses

today i found this great blue hunched in the wind
and i felt my own back bowed up against change...

although what we have is all that you longed for
i try to tell you but no words will come out

if love marked as true can never be undone
then all that i need is this moment i hold
and all that you need is the silence i keep

Monday, September 15, 2008

good news page 2

no one was writing it all down when jesus was talking
..not too many note takers among those fishermen he recruited

so, the first gospel telling
was spread by joy and fish signs and whispers

but after that,
the good news
was wrestled to the ground
and mushed into a religion

it is uncharitable to speculate
on the ambitions, understandings or
spiritual gifts of 5th century men

dealing with mystical events
cobbling together letters and history books
attempting to conform the stories, old and new, to a single message...

now, as then, using the same book
doesn't mean everyone is on the same page

so, 'comes quietly 2000 years later
the recorded observations of
thousands of witnesses

on where we go after this life
and what we do in our spiritual home...
each substantiating the same experiences between lives...
innocently corroborating parts of the greatest story ever told

that is to say,
some of the biblical truths spoken by a humble hebrew lord

are also revealed in the work of an unassuming scientist...
like a place prepared for you,
and seeing face to face
and being held accountable for your life...
these things are found in the words and works of
both lord and scientist
who also share a common mission: spiritual healing

no doubt after reading these few lines the fearful
will crucify him all over again
just to be sure they are saved and justified by the red letters of the new testament
...but let us try to read new words in the light of old ones without losing either love or sensibility

the modern messenger is a hypnotherapist
a doctor counseling his patients

a reluctant reporter in metaphysics

a skeptical scientist

recording data, not writing dogma...
there is no jesus-saves in what he reveals...
but at the end of the day
both the bible and his book of talking souls
say many of the same things
about how we get here
what we're trying to do on earth
and where we go between lives...
here...go read about it...

jesus has backup
his name is michael

Thursday, September 11, 2008


the desert knew
its own stark beauty
before it knew rain--
then it came
a ferocity
of life unimagined
a genius
of radiance
a luminosity
of self

with time
returned again
to the long dry quiet
the vast stillness of time
the ancient wisdom of great emptiness

of itself the desert does not dwell
on the experience of sun or rain or nightfall
does not look back on nor anticipate nor regret
does nothing but accept the deep hidden magnifications
of its being

we are not so fortunate
as eaters of the tree of knowledge
once having received
the unimaginable
unasked for
brilliance of love,
we know the terrible beauty of longing
the inevitability of loss

and so it is that,
living within the memory
of love's reign,
we seek endlessly in the heavens
for the grace that has always been here--
a nascent lover and shield--
deep within our own soul

Monday, September 1, 2008

sandhill cranes on the pond -- bosque del apache wildlife refuge, nm

if too much beauty can blind the soul,
it must be why God gave peacocks
a piercing little nell minidrama for a call: "no! no! no!"...

for that, the sand hill crane is a humble counterpart--
communal gabbling in the marsh mud
foraging at leisure
sweet awkwardness in slow motion
large almond-shaped brown bodies

balancing on tall sturdy legsticks

the annual gathering at the pond seems to be sort of an avian advent,
a time of communal remembrance of life's lessons and carols
that they share with us, as both we and they are inspired
awaiting the moment they are borne aloft
on their epiphanic spring migration...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

where the numinous

where the numinous pulses in the shadows
many truths are embraced 
as different lights
and different darknesses
of the same truth

here is the sky where we first learned to dance
moving in and out of the gray 

here are the secret half-lights of stars
aside the black and white world of capitalized souls

as i sit on the porch steps,
looking up through the trees,
we are out there

a refracted radiance of hearts unbound
faceted as we are, all shimmers and speckles,
'joyous as the clapping cottonwood leaves in the night wind

here is the language and nuance of home
here is the surety and warmth of sanctuary
here we shed the separateness of who we were
and become the holy oneness of who we are

Thursday, August 7, 2008

on the misty white

on the misty white corner
of a poet's mind

where you stand with your bowl
your words in your fingers
your love on your lips

facing out toward the gray edge
of where you must go
ahead of me,
fear and love meet...

how can i not be where you are...

everything i am
inside of you
all of you

inside of me
a circle

of love, flow, breath, being...

all you want
is simplicity
holding the quiet
holding life
holding the words
you receive
in a bowl

all i want
is to hold today
and you

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dark Song

sharing a glass of islay tonight
with you my love
with you

making our own dark eucharist tonight
with you my love
with you

lying across your table
the chalice is filled
the sacrament sweet
my fire on your lips
my amber, your tongue
you cradle my heart
in your hand
my love
you cradle my heart
in your hand

and we enter the silence
as one
my love
we lie in each other as one

is there another dark song tonight
for you my love
for you

is there some other offering tonight
for you my love
for you

i sense a shift in your shadow
you take up her glass of wine bittersweet
her trace on your mouth
your scent on her cheek
and you carry her heart
in your hands
my love
you carry her heart
in your hands

yet we enter the silence
as one
my love
we breathe in the silence
as one

we live in the silence
as one

my love
we die in each other as one

Saturday, August 2, 2008

while pain is bright

while pain is bright
my soul pressed against the wall of despair
where should you go from me that is not already charted on my heart
where should i go from you that i could not feel your skin as my own
my soul holds fast to yours
and i am on fire with you
so i do not hope for less pain, but more
until love's intensity
radiates my being into yours

to live always within the contours 
of the soft blue warmth of your eyes
the slow corner of your smile
the sweet wetness of your mouth

Sunday, July 20, 2008

wu wei

a brown field
scraped bare
open to the flow of what is
wind, birds, scattered seeds
open to the flow of what comes
rain, sun, rain, sun
open to what may be revealed

a brown field
scraped bare
comes now grain
not by doing
but being
empty and receptive

let me be the field
scraped bare
to what is
to what comes
to what is to be revealed


that kingdom-within thing...
love everybody, no exceptions
so simple 

so impossible
so embarrassing
always to be in the cycle of
screwingup, beingsorry
screwingup, beingsorry

what if we could have
one giant mudslinging swampdance of grace

to play in so we'd always have it
all over us, all the time?

oh, wait...

we've already got it

i get it

Thursday, July 10, 2008

at temple rock

watery wrinkles moving in the space ahead
so close i could touch them...
where nothing seems to be
something just... is
like grace

...and so you must be here with me
standing on an old texas hillcountry road
on a breathless, starry summer night
with rock and cedar as temple and witness
and the low trill of a screech owl for a psalm

Monday, July 7, 2008


if true being is wordless
then may i sing
without ceasing
in the temple of my love
for i want no being
other than our being...
if true love is wordless
then let me be

the melody
that binds my love
to me
in the secret symphony
of the shared soul...
if true spirits are wordless
then i will flow
into my love
like a river
until the oceans of the earth
cannot contain us...
until we spill over
into the heavens
to shine without words
in the light of all that is

Monday, June 16, 2008

entering the silence

walking in two worlds, half-spent in the half-light of a waxing moon
willing to risk, accepting anxiety, confusion of motives, the humanness of being...
willing to yield, fully present to the spirit's profound beauty...

my priest, where is eucharist for those

who cannot repent of their bodies
who are on spiritual fire to burn down the artifice of religious debate
in order to recreate love

enter the silence, he says
dismantle the structure of knowing, he says
disrobe the mind of its creative impatience

enter the silence
cover the window of the soul's naked longing
walk past the remembrances that trace the face of the beloved on the walls of the heart

enter the silence, he says might as well walk through the fair portals of hell

and yet, when is love silenced
but that a distant keening rises and calls the whole body to tremble and shout out for mercy

and when is passion smothered
but that the heat of one word ignites a flash fire of joy and consummate clouds of hope

and when is the soul's longing denied
but that the eternal opens a thousand windows and ten thousand doors of the pavilions of heaven on earth

Friday, June 13, 2008

here be angels

been laughed at, scoffed at
been asked what i'm smokin
on this issue of angels...
of course they are around

sometimes you feel them

and if you know how to look
you can actually see their auras....
everybody has one
even you
anybody can see one
it only takes practice

so what do you do with one when you find one?
listen hard
learn something

Sunday, June 8, 2008

but i thought we'd have more time...

eddie died yesterday

he was so good
we need people like eddie to stay here a lot longer
his were the hands and the heart of the One True Carpenter

although it's for sure he got a standing ovation upon arrival in heaven
you wish you could have just
reached into God's back pocket
and pulled out a cure for cancer instead

i'll try to be a better friend to ann
and maybe eddie'll toss that on my 'good' pile...
against a very tall stack of not-so-much

thanks, eddie
well done

Saturday, June 7, 2008

if there is anything we know at all
it is the first thing that we learned--
God is Love

and the second
with God
anything is possible

we are
both by Love

and by Free Will
to negotiate this life

no one else is living our life
the only thing that limits us is

some limits are 'givens'...
our body
our genetic family
our environment

our soul's past and future...

none of which
are merely the luck of the draw
something God saddled us with
without our knowledge...
what if...
we asked for all of it
and accepted all of it
for this life
to have meaning
for the maturing of our soul

if we acknowledge that there is, in fact, a divine plan
it becomes possible to accept that there is
in the unexplainable in this life...such as
why some of us are born with no arms or legs
why some are born down syndrome, or epileptic, or homosexual
why some are born black or white or German or Chinese
why we have different gifts, talents, undeserved beauty
why "the poor you always have with you"

why 'evil' prospers
and then the question becomes moot
as to why a loving God would ever "condone"



innocent death...
...perhaps everything is always in the process of being loved and healed

Thursday, May 29, 2008


michael says
on the astral plane

in our light body
between lives,
we decide
with our guide
what we need to learn
in the next one

so... how do you suppose that next-life conversation went
between the Holy Spirit and the soul Jesus?

what did he yet need to learn?
what was his lack?

...his ultimate lifetime plan was to live out isaiah ii?
cover for adam's sin? start a religion?
obfuscate the message with odd parables
to the point of saying
everything and nothing?
on purpose?

was his necessary silence
the mystery of his suffering?
or the other way around?

would to God he had made just one clear statement on homosexuality
so paul would have kept his opinions to himself....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

belief as prologue

no one can know everything
but knowing even one thing can be life-changing...
like how to read
like the love of a child

anyone can believe anything
defying knowledge or reason...
such as the earth is flat
such as Jesus is the Son of God

is it better to stay in the cave,
shackled to our belief system
speculating on the habits of shadows on the wall
than to face the impossibly bright light of truth revealed?

why not play it safe and just go with the majority on this one?

for what purpose is it required
to believe without seeing...
more fiber in our moral muscle?
is it better not to know about the light for ourselves,
so as to strive for faith without question
as an exercise in humility?


would we lack a source of passion for art or poetry or music
if we lacked some motivational fear of death?
is absolute terror the only balance for soaring, absolute joy?

wouldn't it be enough simply to know that our task is to grow and mature in spirit?
wouldn't it be enough to require ourselves to follow a regimen of love in all that we do?
taking off the shackles and being helpful to others?
without fear of losing our place in line? or something?

it all depends on what we are willing to know, to believe, to be...
the rest is just practice

Saturday, May 24, 2008

if it bleeds, it leads

alas and did my savior bleed
there is a fountain filled with blood
are you washed in the blood
there's power in the blood
nothing but the blood
precious blood

what is it that
at dawn
gives you hope
at the end of the day
gives you peace
you can hold onto

not the bloody hammered nails into flesh
not dogs, wires, needles, ropes, gags or waterboards
...the everyday gore of human lust
not the glory of war
not martyrdom for 72 black-eyed virgins
nor martyrdom for God's will

...something about the sweet way he lived
still lives
in the Presence

the blessing
the healing
the love
the shared grace

'doesn't sell newspapers
nor, it would appear, 
does it sell christianity
feral or otherwise

love is not the exciting hard news
but blood is the very definition of it

and there you go

Saturday, May 17, 2008

exclusivity vs inclusivity

is there really any doubt that Jesus was about loving God, ourselves, our neighbors?

is there really any doubt that this love included everybody?
tax collectors
lame and sick people
dead people
women at wells who gave themselves to many men...probably to stay alive, but that's another issue...

wouldn't you think it odd if this same Jesus
who was inclusive about loving all people,
was also very exclusive about who could "go to heaven"...?
as in:
you are loved freely

maybe one or two conditions...
you have to believe all 34 items in the creed
or else
you can't get in

you wind up in hell
game over...

but then, you say,
what is so wrong with a religion that requires a few rules,
that requires a straight and narrow path in order to get the goods?

what is wrong is
it's not a belief in an infinite, unconditional God-as-Love ...

what is wrong is
it's a belief in God-as-Love-Withheld,
Believe to Receive...
Exclusive Love,
Reserved Love,
Special Love,
Died for Your Sins Love...


what if
Christ's Love

included everyone
for no reason at all

seems to me
any reading of the gospels reveals that
Jesus broke the rules of exclusivity
and showed us how to live in relationship
with God
and with each other
by practicing
radical, inclusive Love.

it was radical then
and it is radical today...

you can never 'deserve' it
because it is already yours
without the asking...

it is

no exceptions

Good News...
everybody goes to heaven

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

is it not rare

love's radiance
overtaking fear

and love's grace
without the asking

Monday, May 12, 2008

a song in standstill lose all that is good and beautiful and fun and full of fire
but for a moment's contemplated indiscretion...

it is such a price to pay...
what can be done to hurry the grieving
have no time to feel the feelings
have to get on with it...
tie up loose ends...

my God,
why was this one necessary

taking joy, burning the edges brown
spending words in expensive haste
once on fire with unholy desire, twice charred
without defense, scarlet, unchaste

talk to me in synthetic echoes
until time will let this be
and perhaps then i can spin disarray into melody...
a song of reconciliation for you and me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on balance of sacrifice and fulfillment

what do you suppose God had in mind

are we in this world for no other purpose than to give it all up for heaven?
wherever that is...whatever that is...
mouthing the psalms, 
lip-syncing the creed
abandoning self, 
vacating desire
life written small, 
fear as subtext
walking like a nun close to the wall
securing salvation 

and spiritual safety such a cost

...numbed out, co-opted, judged, shamed, burned

what are we doing here...really...
either God is Love
or God is Not...
if Love is the life force,
if Love is the sacredness of our true being,
if Love compels us to give ourselves in unselfish, living service to each other...
then what else do we need to know?

we are called to live inside out, revealed
sacrificing safety,
dependent solely on grace,
mending, nurturing, open
coming alive to others' needs,
understanding our own...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

like a rush
afraid to go,
afraid not to...
lightning jags the heart...
the hole that is left
is a magnetic field of hope
undeniable fear

indefinable courage
.... and so we are born.

go then, becoming one with Christ in the world

dare to recreate the intimacy of
the spiritual  in real time
spontaneous, shameless, abundant

fly-by drive-by meet-up 
stop drop & pray Love
grace-filled, heart-naked Love
thought, word, deed
done and undone and redone
giving...everything... away
consuming, embracing the vastness of our emptiness

until we are consumed 
not by death but by
Love returned

Monday, March 3, 2008

know thyself?

how do you angle in on THAT one?
i could easier navigate
10,000 dream journals,

purpose-of-your-life books, and
talking God over coffee on thursdays
than to actually know how to get to
a single numinous moment
at will

to know that fish, it's habits, it's habitats?
to be able to find it every time you cast?
know thyself?

sometimes you can be 'in the zone' that rick described one thursday morning...
in a very special place where you can read life large
and in fabulous colorful detail...
sometimes you get to actually KNOW the moment and be IN it ...

it's bound to be possible--always--to reach in and know who you are
to know your spiritual self
but you have to know that there is such a thing as
Real life
as in Spiritual with a capital S
to be able to get there
or even to know that you're there
when you're There
you know?

but how can you get to it and be in it
by just doing it
not bullshitting your way into it
but by just knowing how to be there
all inside your Spiritual Self
and then to see what everything looks like
in the Real moment
with your eyes wide open

oh to be in my light body
any time i want
and know my shiny self


and wouldn't it be pure magic to be able to share it
to be in a state of shared transparency with a few soul mates...

oh please oh please i would love that...
i want to learn that...

so now what

how can
tell anyone

a n y t h i n g
about God
that wasn't already known to them at birth?

'not possible

...we are all in communion
with each other

sharing the same
Source of our being...

we are all
there is no

we are all drawn from
the same well
g o o d n e s s