Saturday, July 25, 2009

conning the mysteries of the universe
was, from childhood,
always by the light
of the first star on the right...
flying was easy,
you just leaped up

now lying in bed
on this black-as-black night
comes a far longing

and the monkeymind chatters...
the mother, the daughter, the partner,
the broken down car, dwindling savings
dreams that wait and the weight of care

then like going under water
all i hear is my own breathing
and i wait, being nothing in the stillness...

loosening the tether of time and place,
feeling my own bareness, my own light
so i lift up my heart and follow it
into the great impossibleness
and fly and fly and fly
and it is so beautiful
so beautiful

somewhere behind the heart
is the finding place
for being well
and knowing the Good

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

from there

she said, when we close this world
and open the next
much depends on making soft 

all of the harsh lessons of our life
for our soul's sake

help is always near

and when i asked

how do i know these things?

she said
how does your tongue know
the contours of your own mouth?

then i asked
but if tonight i could know 
the source of my own spirit
would it be too much... 

she said
how much do you need to know

i heard small bells 
in a rush of wind

and came to who i am 

Monday, July 6, 2009

the ruella are in the fairy
chaos reigns 
the four o'clocks mock the hour
showing up when 
they damn well please
while the mustangs muck up the la france 
the wilting impatiens are wrist to forehead
faint from heat
even in the shade
as the chile pequins, rigid with delight,
stiffly stick out their little hot red tongues...

standing here in the noisy mess
of my own disarray
i fit right in
and firmly resist the grace that always comes 
in awe of all of this wild abundance
perversely to enjoy 
the wicked invasions of johnson grass
and the proudness of weeds