Sunday, July 20, 2008

wu wei

a brown field
scraped bare
open to the flow of what is
wind, birds, scattered seeds
open to the flow of what comes
rain, sun, rain, sun
open to what may be revealed

a brown field
scraped bare
comes now grain
not by doing
but being
empty and receptive

let me be the field
scraped bare
to what is
to what comes
to what is to be revealed


that kingdom-within thing...
love everybody, no exceptions
so simple 

so impossible
so embarrassing
always to be in the cycle of
screwingup, beingsorry
screwingup, beingsorry

what if we could have
one giant mudslinging swampdance of grace

to play in so we'd always have it
all over us, all the time?

oh, wait...

we've already got it

i get it

Thursday, July 10, 2008

at temple rock

watery wrinkles moving in the space ahead
so close i could touch them...
where nothing seems to be
something just... is
like grace

...and so you must be here with me
standing on an old texas hillcountry road
on a breathless, starry summer night
with rock and cedar as temple and witness
and the low trill of a screech owl for a psalm

Monday, July 7, 2008


if true being is wordless
then may i sing
without ceasing
in the temple of my love
for i want no being
other than our being...
if true love is wordless
then let me be

the melody
that binds my love
to me
in the secret symphony
of the shared soul...
if true spirits are wordless
then i will flow
into my love
like a river
until the oceans of the earth
cannot contain us...
until we spill over
into the heavens
to shine without words
in the light of all that is