Sunday, January 18, 2009

miracle on the hudson know, something about calling an extraordinary event a 'miracle' makes people think it was by the Grace of God that all 155 survived if to imply that, had any perished, it would have been a case of Divine Abandonment. Why would we think that?

Why would we not believe that God is with everyone, all of the time? do we really think that God still kills some and spares others, old testament style? where does the new covenant apply? or are there only certain times when God is Love? why ever would we think the Eternal Mind would dumb down to embrace some human notion of 'divine justice' ....divine 'grace' for some and divine 'too bad' for others?

Perhaps the only miraculous aspect to this life is our spiritual stubbornness....our refusal to celebrate the presence of the unseen-but-felt--the presence of angels, or sudden insight or intuition, and always that still, small voice--in ordinary everyday things until all of life is experienced as sacred. Until all of life is an ongoing, intimately accessible experience of God...and if this should not be our experience of God--or Tao, or Presence, or whatever is our spiritual tonality--then what is our little human explanation for that?

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