Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what i said was 'don't worry about it'
what i meant was
'i am still ripped all to hell inside but i can't tell you how i really feel because you can't do anything about it anyway'

what i said was 'it's okay'
what i meant was 'i feel an aching despair in my stomach every time i think about's just something i have to live with until it quits hurting...'

time passes

what i said was 'i love you'
and it was what i meant with everything in me, and so i cried

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Rose. said...

Dear Terry,

I only just received your comment on my blog about the shepherdess walk poem. I am sorry I didn't reply sooner,

I hope you received you copy of the book and are enjoying it as much as I did. Unfortunately my sister returned the book to the library so I cannot check it right now. But just to let you know that i copied it out word for word from the book,

I'm happy to see you read my blog. Unfortunately I don't know when I will update my written blog again as my posts are quite frivolous to say the least ;) but feel free to check my new photblog I will update frequently for my family and friends.

Best Wishes,