Sunday, June 21, 2009

begotten not made

if we knew we came here
spiritual bodies templed in physical bodies
to learn the lessons of the virtues of the spirit
would it make a difference in the way we lived?
would we find purpose in suffering?
would it take the sting out
if we knew it was all to learn
and grow in the ways of grace?
you do not blow in the wind
like a seed willy nilly
to grow once and bloom once and die once
merely to throw off more seeds
for more souls to come...
no, you are born again and again and again
to find your own rich warm brown groundedness within
to grow stronger and more true in the opening of your soul
toward the bright yellow Sun of your eternal longing


indira said...

i hope our "born again and again and again" someday will stop. Why we must reach the sthing everytime. Why it could leave us alone...

just another duck on the pond said...

indira, good questions with no concrete answers... but there are a few interesting ideas from psychotherapy case studies. i've been reading some of michael newton's work ['journey of the soul' & others] and some of the data are worth looking at. thanks for your comments.