Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i believe God is the presence of Love
that animates the soul
and shines through the eyes of all whom we behold as loved.

and everything
is profound about that

i believe that we understand a little more each time our bodies die
and we take up life again in our spiritual home between lives...

i believe the enrichment of our own Soul enriches the Life of the Whole

i believe God's Great Risk was NOT
killing the Son to appease the Holy Split Personality--with Hate for some and unconditional Love for others out the Eternal Snit: "They Done Me Wrong In The Garden"...


i believe
Love's Risk was creating you and me
out of Their own Spiritual Image,
and then giving us Free Will
to grow, learn, and live our gifts forward through each life,
or to smash everything to bits and start over.
i believe we have a life lessons plan that we agreed to before we come into the physical world...each time...and that we return to be accountable for the gifts we are given and the goodness we came to increase in ourselves by living in the world for others.

i believe every path is made holy by love
and i believe
it is Good and Life-giving and Spirit-honoring
to love 
consciously, intentionally, freely, without expectation
so to live and breathe and mature in our Being of the Spirit 

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