Monday, December 21, 2009

whatcomes christmas is lightdream & ribbonweave

wondermussed & happy be
fete be yurs from goodnes borne
livly hopes & grandesprit
spin the orb & be lit inside
mak the darks' langor cease
wit briteng of sittng by th fire
wher sparks & min's fly yellowingd
& biddings come with gatherd warm
to fill th heart that cant be kept
& so was made for givn awee
yt such as He was no merely gave
but dreamd to us of God's mary
as breth to coal is leapt to flame
beckond spirit come livly agin
to shiverus gud, & shineus brite
as ribbns are weave to color th world

1 comment:

just another duck on the pond said...

for those who just cant get their minds around what's going on with the verse here, it's just whimsey... and, like a songwriter said the other day, when the phone rings, you gotta pick it up.