Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the other easter

light is only light because there is dark
love is love because it perfectly repels fear

surely the spirit of christ risen 
cradled the soul judas sacrificed 

to become the darkest knife ever to trace
  a bright seam of blood on That Good Light.

and so we too are cradled in christ's love
when humility calls us out and forgives us our daily treacheries 


tsk tsk said...

Manichaean lies.

I don't think much of your church.

just another duck on the pond said...

manichaean, huh. had to go look that up... and on short reading i catch that manichaeism was a 3rd cent iranian gnostic religion with some kind of teaching about the struggle between the world of spiritual light and the evil darkness of the material world. it died. good thing. and i'm not trying to resurrect it here either.

if you will allow poetic license--which means i don't have to make sense if i don't want to--i was looking at something far simpler on the light and dark thing--merely to state the definition...that each must exist to define the other. as for what the soul does with the light and dark things--whatever they are perceived to be-- that is an individual walk/dance in this world. i'm not your cookie cutter episcopalian, and since i'm a gay person i don't think much of my ''Church'' many days, so i might agree with you more than not. but i leave the conversation open here...thanks for writing.

Donkey of Deep Song said...

Oh come on, Duck, you know very well that Manicheanism is alive and kicking-- as evidenced by the binary polarities so easily trumped up by angered people of colorless vision and anti-nuanced vocabulary! While "Tsk tsk" may not think much of your church, one might point out that your church doesn't think much of us, either. And when it thinks of us, it thinks, "Eww! Another sticky wicket!"

just another duck on the pond said...

good thing i know you, Donk, or i'd think you were actually rooting for the Manichaeans :)

of course that kind of thought exists in the world, i just don't give it the credence it doesn't deserve. (!) and YET i'm saying somewhat the same thing only simpler... and as +gene says, we know how all of this is going to turn out. we are simply living out a new version of the gospel--which is about the closest i ever come to churchy sounding words, so don't ask to get too much more out of me than that.

nice to see you here...you can come by any time.