Thursday, December 4, 2008

these are such thin little words posing as thoughts
mere sighs compared to the poems you once read to me

you were my rexroth, i your marichiko
two sides of one coin, two faces one soul

now i seek your warmth in the russet autumn
in the caol ila and the coals in the grate

truth is, you are always present in this room
in the sanctuary of my lonely hours

i feel your forgiveness in a hugged pillow
when things i could have said sit cold by my bed

every few minutes i look up at the clock
only to see your face smeared by my own tears

such are the dark nights of my heart's disarray
to know the sadness that deepens inside us

i cannot be there to love us through this
stubbornness wills me to find another way

so i call out my muse to make taut these lines
to pull your lovesoul to me and hold you fast

and then read back to you, to heal and to warm
us both with words that once set our hearts on fire

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