Saturday, February 7, 2009

like water for chocolate redux

this contrary life, unjust, often bitter
yet beautiful and fiercely loved

this leisure time in a body, haphazardly
sampling the lessons of love's ambiguities

if only our souls were welded to vessel and sword
instead of these languorous, complicated hearts

then our passions would ignite as we could only experience
once upon a time in eden's garden...

but, frankly, i'd
take an eternal miss on the sweet bread of angels
to be drunk on the sweaty wine of just one hour with you


Wormwood's Doxy said...

All I have to say to that is...Amen!

Dave Perry said...

I am so glad to reciprocate your kind comment on my blog and say of your poem: superb, quite superb. Your first stanza is just exquisite and worthy of long, slow contemplation. The whole poem is deliciously, recognisably real. Thank you for your creativity.

just another duck on the pond said...

just a note: i'm not sure anybody ever returns to notice how this thing changes from time to time...i take the liberty of editing until it lies nice and still on the page, and this one just wiggles all to hell in the middle... i figure i have until the 14th to get it right--so stay tuned.