Saturday, May 17, 2008

exclusivity vs inclusivity

is there really any doubt that Jesus was about loving God, ourselves, our neighbors?

is there really any doubt that this love included everybody?
tax collectors
lame and sick people
dead people
women at wells who gave themselves to many men...probably to stay alive, but that's another issue...

wouldn't you think it odd if this same Jesus
who was inclusive about loving all people,
was also very exclusive about who could "go to heaven"...?
as in:
you are loved freely

maybe one or two conditions...
you have to believe all 34 items in the creed
or else
you can't get in

you wind up in hell
game over...

but then, you say,
what is so wrong with a religion that requires a few rules,
that requires a straight and narrow path in order to get the goods?

what is wrong is
it's not a belief in an infinite, unconditional God-as-Love ...

what is wrong is
it's a belief in God-as-Love-Withheld,
Believe to Receive...
Exclusive Love,
Reserved Love,
Special Love,
Died for Your Sins Love...


what if
Christ's Love

included everyone
for no reason at all

seems to me
any reading of the gospels reveals that
Jesus broke the rules of exclusivity
and showed us how to live in relationship
with God
and with each other
by practicing
radical, inclusive Love.

it was radical then
and it is radical today...

you can never 'deserve' it
because it is already yours
without the asking...

it is

no exceptions

Good News...
everybody goes to heaven

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