Thursday, May 29, 2008


michael says
on the astral plane

in our light body
between lives,
we decide
with our guide
what we need to learn
in the next one

so... how do you suppose that next-life conversation went
between the Holy Spirit and the soul Jesus?

what did he yet need to learn?
what was his lack?

...his ultimate lifetime plan was to live out isaiah ii?
cover for adam's sin? start a religion?
obfuscate the message with odd parables
to the point of saying
everything and nothing?
on purpose?

was his necessary silence
the mystery of his suffering?
or the other way around?

would to God he had made just one clear statement on homosexuality
so paul would have kept his opinions to himself....

1 comment:

lipotufu said...

god made a clear statement about homosexuality. by creating life in all of his manifestations he/she tells us/shows us that life is life and life is love. all the rest are words, often words used to advanatage by fellow humans who can't let go and be alive. homosexuality and heterosexuality and non-sexuality really don't exist unless we let them inside our individual and community lives. god is life, god is love, life is love, love is god, life is god. heck, sometimes i wonder if the devil wrote the bible and is having a ball watching us disembowel the appearance of god as life and love.