Saturday, May 24, 2008

if it bleeds, it leads

alas and did my savior bleed
there is a fountain filled with blood
are you washed in the blood
there's power in the blood
nothing but the blood
precious blood

what is it that
at dawn
gives you hope
at the end of the day
gives you peace
you can hold onto

not the bloody hammered nails into flesh
not dogs, wires, needles, ropes, gags or waterboards
...the everyday gore of human lust
not the glory of war
not martyrdom for 72 black-eyed virgins
nor martyrdom for God's will

...something about the sweet way he lived
still lives
in the Presence

the blessing
the healing
the love
the shared grace

'doesn't sell newspapers
nor, it would appear, 
does it sell christianity
feral or otherwise

love is not the exciting hard news
but blood is the very definition of it

and there you go

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