Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on balance of sacrifice and fulfillment

what do you suppose God had in mind

are we in this world for no other purpose than to give it all up for heaven?
wherever that is...whatever that is...
mouthing the psalms, 
lip-syncing the creed
abandoning self, 
vacating desire
life written small, 
fear as subtext
walking like a nun close to the wall
securing salvation 

and spiritual safety such a cost

...numbed out, co-opted, judged, shamed, burned

what are we doing here...really...
either God is Love
or God is Not...
if Love is the life force,
if Love is the sacredness of our true being,
if Love compels us to give ourselves in unselfish, living service to each other...
then what else do we need to know?

we are called to live inside out, revealed
sacrificing safety,
dependent solely on grace,
mending, nurturing, open
coming alive to others' needs,
understanding our own...

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